Heartsong: The Soundtrack


ETA Sept 5, 2019: Hey! Before we get to the post, an update: I am in the process of getting the rights to every book I have with Dreamspinner, including Heartsong. I will be self-publishing this book, though I won’t be able to meet the September 24 release date. The plan is for HS to come out in October, and for Brothersong to come out August 2020. More details when I have them, but Dreamspinner has already pulled down both these books from their site, so if you pre-ordered, you should be getting a refund. Make sure that you do. If you ordered from any other website, cancel your order now so there’s no chance you lose out on your hard-earned money. Thank you so much for your patience on this. The wolves will be back soon. Now, onto the playlist!


Oh, man, this was a hard one. My personal soundtrack for the months I spent writing Heartsong reached almost 200 songs. Trying to whittle that down was like pulling teeth, but I think I’ve managed to create the perfect playlist. As with my other playlists, these songs are in narrative order of the novel, so take from that what you will.

Note: Heartsong is divided into two parts. Part One is 99% of the book. Part Two—the last chapter—is only a few pages long. If you’ve read Ravensong, that should have sent a chill down your spine.

Each song comes complete with a lyric or three that I think goes well with the story. One or two of the songs might even have a note as to who they’re for…

Thanks to Javiera, here is the Spotify playlist for the songs below: Spotify


Home // Solomon Gray

Follow me home
And tell me which way I can let you go

Come Along // Cosmo Sheldrake

We'll be here when the world slows down
and the sunbeams fade away
Keeping time by a pendulum
as the fabric starts to fray

Blood of the Rose // The Dear Hunter

The world burns but still we breathe
The iron chambered heart a seive
That sifts through honest elegance
And suffers from the wrong defense

Conquest of Spaces // Woodkid

I'm ready to start the conquest of spaces
Expanding between you and me
Come with the night the science of fighting
The forces of gravity

Fade Away // Tom Walker

'Cause you betrayed me
You went ahead and played me
Said you'd try and save me
Well, I won't fight for you no more

Things We Lost in the Fire // Bastille

Do you understand that we will never be the same again
The future's in our hands and we will never be the same again

The Mourning Tree // Jessica Curry

I passed the day at the mourning tree,
Where the river's sorrows run deep
And all at once a host of birds
Did settle and nest around me

Louder Than Words // Les Friction

No one could outrun the crash
It was all reduced to rubble
And then again to ash

Fear // Sarah Mclachlan

But I fear, I have nothing to give
I have so much to lose here in this lonely place

What Makes a Man? // City and Color

What makes a man
Walk away from his mind?
I think I know
I think I might know

Silhouette // Aquilo

Stood with our backs to the sun
I can remember being nothing but fearless and young
We've become echoes, but echoes, they fade away
We've fallen to the dark as we dive under the waves

Forever // Fireflight

Oh, tell me you're here
That you will watch over me forever
Oh, take hold of my heart
Show me you'll love me forever

Skin // Rag N Bone Man

When my skin grows old
When my breath runs cold
I'll be thinking about you
About you

I’ll Be Good // Jaymes Young

I'll be good, I'll be good
And I'll love the world, like I should
Yeah, I'll be good, I'll be good
For all of the time
That I never could

Come Little Children // Erutan

Come little children
The time's come to play
Here in my garden of shadows

Legends Never Die // Against the Current

When the world is calling you
Can you hear them screaming out your name?
Legends never die
They become a part of you

Lovely // Billie Eilish ft. Khalid

(Kelly and Robbie’s song)

Isn't it lovely, all alone?
Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
Tear me to pieces, skin to bone
Hello, welcome home

Sanctuary // Inertia

You show me how to see
That nothing is whole and
nothing is broken

Saturn // Sleeping At Last

(Kelly and Carter’s song)

I'd give anything to hear
You say it one more time
That the universe was made
Just to be seen by my eyes


Carry you // Ruelle ft. Fleurie

You are not alone
I've been here the whole time singing you a song
I will carry you, I will carry you