Tell Me It's Real Comic!

Yesterday, I announced that the comic adaptation of Tell Me It’s Real was coming soon.

Apparently, by soon I meant right now.

The cover:

TMIR Manwha.jpg

Couple of things, first, to hopefully answer your questions.

First, this is an adaptation of my book. I did not write the script. I reviewed the finished work in its entirety, and made some editorial suggestions, but I want to make it clear that not everything in the book could be included in this medium. However, there aren’t any real changes to the narrative, and everything plays out as it did in the novel. That being said, it is wonderful. The art (by a wonderful talented artist who goes by Jakky) is just incredible. They captured the spirit of the novel while still putting their own spin on it (visually, that is). Wait until you see Paul falling down the stairs thanks to Wheels on his way to his first date with Vince. It is a delight.

Secondly, this release is for the physical copy only. The comic (also referred to as a manhwa) will come out for digital download further down the road through Comixology, which is an Amazon company. It will allow you to download it to your ereaders of choice the same with any other book. You do not have to pay for the Comixology service in addition to buying the book, so if you’d like to wait for that to come out (anywhere from 1-2 mos) you can. But there’s just something awesome about holding the artwork in your hands, being able to flip through the pages. For those who want to wait for the digital version, you can take a look at Comixology here, and create an account if you’d like: Comixology. I will, of course, announce when it comes out for digital release.

The physical copy is available now through Amazon and Dreamspinner at the links below:



This has been a long time in coming, I know. I think I first announced this at the end of 2017/beginning of 2018, but I promise you it’s worth the wait. It brings new life to a happy story, something I think we could all use these days. I hope you love it as much as I do!