Ravensong: All Pre-Orders


Sorry for the delay. I've been on my publisher for a week now trying to get everything up. Delays happen, but we're mostly good to go now. It's a little frustrating, I know, but I'm also on vacation right now, and trying to do all of this and relax is not exactly working out so well so far. But we're good to go now.

Links are below. If you can't find Ravensong on a place where you normally find my books, let me know so I can follow up. And, as an FYI, if you are the type to buy physical copies, if you buy direct from the publisher, you get the ebook for free! As a reminder, too, if you buy from the publisher, I get a bigger cut of the royalties.

(note: B&N is still getting the ebook up, and Amazon is still getting the paperback up, so if you want EITHER of those and don't want to order from the publisher, you'll have to check back.)

Eight days remain.

Are you ready?


Dreamspinner: https://goo.gl/u2dxHL

Amazon: https://goo.gl/JSgRvE

B&N: https://goo.gl/eZQiQT

Kobo: https://goo.gl/Z6ALJY 

iBooks: https://goo.gl/HgquAL