Ravensong: Or How I Am Gud Righter


So close, aren't we? If you're reading this the day I posted it, we are now only 13 days before the release of Ravensong. I've had a blast being able to write these posts leading up to the release, though I know many of you (like myself) just want the FUCKING BOOK TO COME OUT ALREADY!!!

It'll be here before you know it. Promise.

Pre-order: https://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/books/ravensong-by-tj-klune-9779-b

In thinking about what I wanted to do for this second-to-last pre-release blog post, I thought back to what the response is that I've had on previous posts for this book and others. One thing that stuck out to me is how many people enjoy the "behind-the-scenes" look into what goes into the writing process. It's a lot more work than readers sometimes tend to realize. You have the actual writing of the book itself, then the beta reading, and then the months and months and months of editing and then rereading proof-reader version, and then the galley (how the book will usually look in its final form). There are ups and downs to all these steps, and it usually begins with the first round of editing, which is always a high for me, down to the very last read through which, by then, I'm so fucking sick of the goddamn story I never want to see it ever again.

Today, though, I wanted to focus on the actual writing of the story with a little anecdote followed by some examples that show you just how nuts my brain can be.

I have this notepad function on my phone. It allows me to dictate notes to myself, which are then turned into words and saved so I can come back to them. I'm struck by story ideas/plot points at the weirdest of times, and can be in the middle of a grocery store when I think of something I desperately need to put in a book, and will pull out my phone and speak into it, creating the note so I can come back to it later. Imagine coming across me in the store, muttering into my phone, "Do werewolves have sex with each other when they're shifted, and if so, is that beastiality?"

Yeah. It goes about as well as you think. I've learned to ignore the looks I get. I've got the eccentric writer thing down.

So, I went back through the folder for my saved notes for Ravensong (314 of them!) and pulled some so you can see how much I live these books, and how stupid I can be about them. The only edits I've made to them is to remove spoilers.

Note 16: You made Carter too much of an asshole. Why would you do that? Fix it. It doesn't work like it is. He would never say ****.

Note 3:  Go back and change the part about Joe and what he says to Ox. It sounds super fake and Joe isn't that much of a bitch. Or is he?

Note 27: People are going to be pissed about it, but you need to *****.  Fuck 'em, right? They only support your entire livelihood.

Note 98: Add in that Gordo wants to **** with ****. It'll make more sense if you do it now rather than try and shoehorn it in later. Trust me. I am you.

Note 54: There is no way I can get away with ***** and **** unless I make it believable. If I don't I'm fucked. Do it right.

Note 107: What do werewolf penises look like? Does that even matter? Is there such a thing as a hot werewolf when it's an actual wolf? I don't like this.

Note 79: Stop making people monologue. Fix this. This isn't Verania (speech to text made this look like VARANYAS). It looks stupid. Fix it.

Note 115: No werewolf threesomes ever. Hi I'm a werewolf. I'm in a throuple with Chad and Brad. That's dumb.

Note 206: Carter should not be flirting with everything that moves. He's not a werewolf whore. Go back and change ****.

Note 227: Make **** and **** angstier. It's lame the way it is right now.

Note 165: They need to be howling here. Everyone needs to be howling even the humans. Which is ridiculous.

Note 236: Go back and look for what Gordo's mom's name is. I forgot. Remember to change it.

Note 238: I still need to look for Gordo's mom's name. Don't forget.

Note 247: Gordo's mom is named *****

Note 300: The moment where **** and **** go to **** doesn't work. Rewrite it. I know rewriting sucks but do it anyway.

And there you have it. This is what part of being a writer is like. It's second-guessing yourself, berating yourself, being lazy about fixing something, and thinking about werewolf penises.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

13 days!