This is What You're Told

You're a kid.

Your family is poor. They're struggling. Your dad goes hungry just so you can eat. He's a Northern Man, so he doesn't cry, except for all the times he does. You hear them, sometimes, late at night, through the walls. How things need to get better. How they can't continue on like this.

Your mom tells your dad she doesn't regret any choices she made. "I would turn my back on them again and again if it meant I could be with you and Sam," she says. "I choose you. I will always choose you."

You believe her. You think your father does too, if only by the way he cries.

You wish upon the stars, but the gods don't seem to hear you. They don't seem to care.

You don't know that they do. Oh, they've heard you. They know who you are. And they have a plan for you.

You're doing what you can to survive. You're good. Maybe a little stupid, but still good. You see some older boys acting like jerks, stealing a bag of cloth. You take it from them. You run. You think it's the right thing to do.

They trap you in an alley. Nox says he's going to kick your ass. You believe him.

A dream is a wish your heart makes, and right then, even though you don't realize you're doing it, you make the biggest wish of all.

The boys turn to stone.

This is what you're told:

You're magic.

You're strong.

You're powerful.

You're possibly the greatest wizard in an age.

You are loved. You are unexpected. You find a unicorn. You find a half-giant, and you make them your home. There is a knight, though he belongs to another. You wish for him. It doesn't come true. You don't know that he wishes for you too.

The prince is taken by a dragon.

Your merry band follows you. You love them. They love you and would go with you to the ends of the universe to see you happy. To see you safe.

In the end, you gain a...Kevin. You gain a Prince. You gain a love and a cornerstone, Nox though he once was. You're happy. You've got your happy ending.

You don't know what's coming. You don't see the chess pieces shifting across the board in a game played by gods.

Until you do.

This is what you're told, and it begins once upon a time:

There are secrets.

There is a destiny.

There is a prophecy, and you are already caught in its web.

There was a wizard. His name was Myrin. And he was loved, and loved in return. You are told that he was a cornerstone. You are told that he was a brother.

You are told he turned to darkness, and it consumed him.

You are told this, but it's already too late. You don't have a choice.

You're angry. At almost everyone, even if they don't deserve it. But Morgan and Randall do. They deserve all of it. This is what you believe. This is your truth.

You follow your grandmother to the desert, along with the man she claims is your true cornerstone. You don't believe her. You don't believe any of them.

You make a wish in the shifting sands. You don't want your magic to extend your life. You don't think the gods hear you.

You meet a snake dragon monster thing. He attacks you. He tries to hurt you. But that's not who he is. He's scary. And beautiful. And shy. And you can see just how big his heart is, hidden behind bone and fang.

Darkness comes across the water. You show just how lightning-struck your heart truly is to a man who would take everything from you. It leaves you scarred. You don't care. You have to finish this.

You go to the city of debauchery and sin. You face Morgan and Randall. You love them. You hate them. You can't understand why they did what they did. How they could have let it come to this.

You go north. You see the castle of ice. Randall whispers to you the secrets of his past. You tell him you don't care. You do, though. You can lie to him but you can't lie to yourself.

This is what you're told:

That he loved Myrin. He hadn't expected to, but he did. And it nearly killed him. There were days after--days that stretched for weeks and months and years--that he wished it had. Because there is no pain like the pain of a broken heart.

You go into the mountains. You find the snow dragons. They're...lesbians. You didn't expect that. It's awesome.

You're reunited with your loves. You break their hearts by telling them the secrets you've kept, secrets that make you no better than Randall or Morgan. They're angry.

But they're still with you. Always. Until the end.

You go to the woods to find the oldest creature in existence.

He makes you an offer, one that could change the course of history.

And you tell him no.

You're cocky. You've been told, after all, that you're the greatest wizard in an age. That you're strong. That you're powerful.

But even you can't stop the inevitable.

You're betrayed.

You watch when your beloved is pinned by a sword through his chest against the wall. You scream for him. You beg for him to open his eyes. You tell him you love him, and gods, how you wish upon those fucking stars, upon those gods with their deaf ears to make this right, to stop it from hurting.

You think they don't hear you.

They do. They ignore you.

And then your lightning-struck heart is shattered when Morgan is taken from you. Right before your eyes.

He is consumed.

You understand darkness then. You didn't before, but you do now.

You understand it very well.

This is what you're told:

You're magic.

You're strong.

You're powerful.

You're possibly the greatest wizard in an age.

And in order to save the world, you must leave it all behind.

So you go and venture deep into the woods, and just when you believe you can't take another step, this is what you see:

The End.jpg

And here, in these Dark Woods, you do the only thing you can.

You accept your destiny.

Sometime, and sometime soon, you'll return.

But you must remember: the prophecy will be fulfilled, no matter what the cost.

Here, now, is your ending. You must stand, and be true.

For all the world is counting on you.

This, in the end, is what you're told.


( © TJ Klune 2018. Dragon art by Timber. Book graphic by Abi Roux)

A Wish Upon The Stars, the final story in the Destiny FUCK YEAH! arc, will be available March 27th.