Here's Why You're Clueless

I tend to stay away from drama in this community. I think, for the most part, it's usually pointless and contrived. It's usually some bullshit blown out of proportion, and honestly? I've got other things to focus on. Which is why I've been on Facebook less and less. Everyday it just seems to be something new.

So, of course, imagine my complete surprise (insert eyeroll) when this happened:


Okay, so, big deal right? Funny, ha ha. A known female author(s) identifying with something she is not. Whatevs.


It's not that funny.

And some people began commenting as such.

Now, from what I understand, most of those comments were deleted by Kindle Alexander.

However, they had a point. The point being that Kindle Alexander is a woman. Who writes gay romance. Which, in of itself, is no big deal. But, she is most certainly not a man.

Instead of buckling down and apologizing, or hell, even deleting the post and ignoring it, this happened.


That's not an apology. Oh, sure, it has the words I'm sorry in the first sentence (which, is conveniently negated by the second sentence, but hey--cool, cool, cool). 

There is a difference, Ms. Alexander, between "supporting" LGBT rights, and appropriating it like you have done.

But hell, even I could forgive a tone-deaf, half-assed apology. I mean, who the hell hasn't said something stupid? I have. All the time.

But it's the comment that followed this "apology" and Kindle Alexander's response, as shown above, that is the most ridiculous thing I've seen so far today. (Granted, I've been awake for an hour, so.)

The people referenced as "haters" were, from what I understand, part of the LGBT community, pointing out that Ms. Alexander is, in fact, not a gay man.

So when the commenter, Jo Grimmster, says "round them all up, shove'em in some nasty place like outback Australia and let them kill themselves off," Ms. Alexander should have responded, as one does when they claim to be an "ally" by condemning such a remark. I don't think I need to point out the connotations of Jo Grimmster's comment. They are pretty damn clear.

Kindle Alexander doesn't condemn it, as you can see. It made her "smile."

Ms. Alexander, here's why you're clueless.

You claim to be an ally. You profit off the lives of gay men, given that's what you write about. You say not one word of disrespect was given, and yet, the very next comment is disrespect that you did nothing but "smile" about.

You can't be a part time ally.

That's not how this works.

I urge readers to make up their own minds.

I offer another piece of evidence.

We aren't your enemy.

roundthem all up, shove'em in some nasty place like outback Australia and let them kill themselves off

you made me smile

Ms Alexander, you are not an ally when this makes you smile. When someone (multiple someones, even) tells you that something you said wasn't right, then you need to check your words before doubling down on them.

Don't tell us what to fear. Don't tell us you are going to build us up when the evidence indicates you have no problem tearing people down.

Start with an actual, real apology.

And for the love of god, don't claim to be something you are not.