Hey, all!

I wanted to drop a quick line about the GayRomLit convention, and what to expect if you're a newbie, and what my schedule will be like.

First and foremost, you are there to interact with the authors! It's probably the biggest reason why you're going. But I can't tell you how many times I've heard from people after conventions that they were too nervous to come talk to me, and that's a shame. I promise I don't bite, and will be just as excited to meet you. If you see me, feel free to stop me and say hey. I'm also okay with fist-bumps, high-fives, and hugs.

If we've met before, chances are (unless we've had continued interaction) I probably won't remember your name. Don't be offended! I'm terrible with names. Faces, sure, but names always escape me.

(And as a sidenote, make sure your nametag is facing the right direction so I can check it when signing books. I don't went to misspell, and it's easier for me to see it right in front of me.)

Another big thing: if you attend panels or q&a's, and there is a question you want to ask, DO NOT ASSUME SOMEONE ELSE WILL ASK THE SAME QUESTION. Seriously. Speak up, especially at Q&A's. I'm there to answer your questions about my books and what I'm writing. Another thing I hear often is that someone wanted to ask a question, but didn't do it in the end because they thought someone else would ask. Never assume, and remember, the Q&A's are only 15 minutes long, and will go by really fast.

Ihope you all have a blast! It usually turns out to be pretty great. This will be my fifth GRL, and my return after taking a break from it last year. For the most part, people there are pretty cool, and are there because they love reading the same things you do.

Where you can find me:

Wednesday, Oct 18th: I will be moderating the Audiobook Narrator Panel from 9pm-11pm in the Evergreen Ballroom. I'm really excited about the panelists we have, and it'll be great to have them all in the same room at the same time. The panel will consist of each narrator giving a reading from one of their books before moving into a Q&A for the remainder of the panel. Make sure to ask the questions so I don't have to! (because I have a list, and I will read from it.)

I will not be attending the opening night festivities on Thursday. This is my decision, as I'm not comfortable with the fact that instead of the sole focus being on queer literature (hence the title of the convention), the organizers of GayRomLit have decided to bring in a gay porn company to do a Q&A and to promote a new film. This wasn't revealed until a week or two ago. Had I known when signups for authors occurred last spring, I would not have attended this year. I have nothing against pornography, but I do believe there is a time and place for it. A queer literary book event, in my opinion, is not it. I have spoken with quite a few people on the matter, some seeing no problem with it (kudos!), and others uncomfortable as I am. Aside from the obvious issue, the fact that there is no other event scheduled at the same time for those who don't wish to go to this is rather disconcerting. In my experience of meeting readers at GRL, many are stepping out of their comfort zones by even coming to the convention, and some are even attending by themselves. The fact that this is the only option for people who paid to attend seems to be an oversight on the part of the organizers.

This is, of course, my own personal choice/opinion, and should in no way stop you from attending any and all events that you wish! It is your hard earned money you're spending to be in Denver. I merely felt it needed to be said that this seems to no longer be just about books.

(Yes, I am aware some authors have some of the actors as cover models. No, that doesn't change my opinion. Yes, I am aware that there were strippers are previous GRL events. No, that doesn't change my opinion. Yes, I am most likely aware of whatever argument you might want to try and levy against my thought process. No, that doesn't change my opinion.)

Friday, Oct 20th: My Q&A is bright and early. I will be on at 9AM in Evergreen Ballroom C. This is your chance to ask the questions you've always wanted to ask me. Don't let the chance go to waste! There may even be a surprise announcement or two...

Later that morning, from 11-1145am, I will be at the author lounge in the Evergreen Ballroom Foyer. Come chat!

Saturday, Oct 21st: From 10am-1230pm, I will be signing books at the big book signing event.

I will also be manning the Dreamspinner book table at random times on Thursday and Friday, so we may see each other.

I hope to see you all there, and for those that are not in attendance, we will most likely be livestreaming the Audiobook panel and my Q&A, so please check my Facebook page during the times I've listed above. All times are US Mountain time zones.